Banking Diploma Exam Answer Writing Strategies

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Dump Your Brain
When you first get your exam, write down any information that is difficult to remember such as formulas, dates, keywords, etc. on the back of the exam. Then, you can reference it while you’re taking the exam without worrying if you’ll remember it correctly.

Skim Through the Entire Exam
When you first get your exam, skim through the entire exam and mark the questions you know that you can answer or questions that you don’t know right off the bat.

Skip the Questions You Don’t Know
Don’t waste time on questions you’re unsure of. Mark them with question marks and move on; you can go back to them later.

Double Check Your Work
Use any extra time you have to double check your answers, make sure you’ve followed all the directions, and haven’t skipped any pages.

Look Elsewhere on the Exam for Answers
Sometimes the answer to one question may be found on another section of the exam worded differently.

Pace Yourself
Being able to take an exam quickly yet carefully is essential. If necessary, wear a watch or periodically keep your eye on the clock so you are aware of your time left. Also, don’t get anxious if you hear other students finishing their exam early.

Ask Questions
If you’re confused about the wording or meaning of a question, ask your professor. Don’t risk getting a question wrong because you misunderstood it.

Carefully Read All of the Directions
Most students lose points on exams because they were careless and didn’t fully read all of the directions; doesn’t be one of them!

Follow Your Gut Instinct
Most of the time when students second guess themselves, they choose the wrong answer.

Exams are stressful; there can be a lot of pressure on you to succeed, but remember that stressing out works against you. You risk panicking and/or forgetting information you’ve studied.


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