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Friday, February 24, 2017

Merit Rating (OM Short Notes, JAIBB Exam-May-2016)

The success of human resources management very much depends on the strict adherence to the scientific techniques of manpower planning, job evaluation, merit rating etc.
The performance appraisal or merit rating is the systematic and pre-planned process of determining how well an employee does his job as compared to a set of standard. It is necessary that such evaluation and assessment of the performance capabilities, competence and merit of the employee is made from time to time. The merit rating studies and surveys assist in an in depth and analytical enquiry, investigation and measurement of the worth of the individual employees and their contribution in the job and the organization. On the basis of the quantification of various qualitative attributes or factors which reveal the capability of an employee to produce in terms of quantity, quality, saving of time and cost in performing the given operations the merit rating of the employee is made which provides requisite knowledge as to what he is, how does he do his job and how much potentiality does he possess.
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